Weight Loss Transformation Journal + Workbook

58 Pages - 5 weeks (extra week added for a full month)

The Weight Loss Transformation Journal & Workbook walks you through the daily and weekly exercises I used to lose a total of 75 pounds and continue to use to achieve my new transformation goals.

Weekly mindset worksheets are included to build your inspiration and align with your transformation goals regularly.

The mindset stuff works especially if you've been struggling with sticking to your routine.

Work through the workbook. Do the mindset exercises. Show up and do the planning. Track your progress daily and weekly.

Follow the process, stick to your routine, and see results. (With a proper diet and lifestyle of course.)

The Weight Loss Transformation Journal & Workbook is a monthly journal and workbook sectioned into 5 weeks with worksheets for working on your mindset as part of your weight loss transformation journey.

This journal and workbook includes all the basics of maintaining and tracking a weight loss transformation routine as well as worksheets for working on mindset for transformation.

What comes in the workbook + journal:

  • Before and after - measurements and photos
  • Weekly progress updates + goals list
  • Habit tracker with space to track your morning and evening routines
  • Weekly mindset worksheets for creating inspiration and solidifying goals
  • Weekly meal planning
  • Weekly fitness planning
  • Track the basics of a healthy day: water, workout, rate how clean you ate for the day and then give your day an overall score (how well did you follow your routine?)
  • Daily after-meditation thoughts
  • Daily review and notes
  • Review of the month

Print one monthly and continue to track your progress. Create a weight loss transformation binder during your transformation journey. Prints in US Letter.

Due to the digital nature of this product it is non-refundable.

DISCLAIMER: I am sharing these tips and strategies with you because they have worked wonders for me. I've gathered and formulated them after spending YEARS trying all types of diets, methods, and doing lots of research. I am not a dietitian, nutritionist, nor a medial professional. As always, make sure you're in the clear before starting a new health and wellness routine. ESPECIALLY, if you're on medications or have health complications.

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